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Three-screw Pump For Gas Turbine

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Vertical Three Screw Pump

Vertical Three Screw Pump

SNS vertical three-screw pump detailed description: The reason why vertical triple screw pump is so called is that the installation mode of this kind of three screw pump is vertical and expressed by SNS code name. Its advantages: compared with horizontal or flange installation, small area, save...

SNS vertical three-screw pump detailed description:

The reason why vertical triple screw pump is so called is that the installation mode of this kind of three screw pump is vertical and expressed by SNS code name. Its advantages: compared with horizontal or flange installation, small area, save more space for other plant equipment.

Test the flow, pressure, vibration, noise, shaft power and other performance parameters of the product before leaving the factory, and simulate the working conditions of the customer. Adhere to the maintenance and implementation of the screw pump national standard GB/T10886-2002 and mechanical industry standard JB/T 8091-1998, to ensure the factory of every product for strict testing and testing, to customers assured use, We are determined to be the best partner you can trust and rely on when you choose your products, to provide you with reliable screw pump products.

Material of three main parts of SNS vertical three-screw pump:

(1) Screw: alloy steel, carbonized steel, stainless steel, tin phosphorus bronze;

(2) bushing: cast iron, ductile iron, tin bronze, ceramics, PTFE, polymer composite wear resistant material;

(3) pump body: cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel welding, stainless steel.

SNS vertical three-screw pump product features:

(1) Vertical installation with small area;

(2) low operating cost and high efficiency;

(3) hydraulic balance of rotor, stable output and no pulsation;

(4) there is only one shaft seal, which is easy to maintain and low in cost;

(5) strong self-priming ability and strong anti-cavitation ability;

(6) versatile, can replace screw, bushing and pump core, etc.

SNS vertical three-screw pump application industry and specific use:

1. Fuel heating, atomization, injection / energy engineering fundamentals: treatment of light diesel, heavy fuel oil and residual oil, waste oil, for example: fuel oil, conveyer pump, pressurized oil pump, pipeline pump and operating pump. Widely used in cement, glass, thermal power plant, ceramics factory, refractory plant furnace kiln as ignition oil pump, heavy oil fuel pump.

Hydraulic: hydraulic pump used in hydraulic transmission in the hydraulic lift industry, for boosters and / or pumps on the basis of mineral oil or for hydraulic lubricating liquids, such as hydraulic presses, forging hammers, balers, and bales, Pressure plate press, winch, crane, variable pitch propeller and rudder adjusting unit, hatch, hydraulic mill and machine hydraulic system, hydraulic oil pump, lubricating oil pump, fuel oil conveying pump, heating furnace hydraulic station, blast furnace fan lubricating station, Finish rolling thin oil station, rough rolling thin oil station, HGC circulating pump, finish rolling drive cycle pump, coiling thin oil station, finishing rolling high low pressure thin oil station, rough rolling high and low pressure thin oil station.

General Industrial Engineering / Machinery / heavy Machinery Industry: handling Lubricating Oil, coolant, Seal Oil, regulating Oil and hydraulic Oil, Light, heavy fuel Oil, Diesel Oil. Fuel and oil heat (cold); For example: lubrication for steam turbines, gas and water turbines, sealing, regulating hydraulic oil and cylinder drive, lubrication of compressors, sealing and cooling oil pumps, gear drives as lubricating and cooling oil for lubricating pumps and diesel engines, fuel pumps, Rolling mill lubricating oil and hydraulic oil pump, etc.

(4) Marine / marine engineering, shipyards / machineries: used for conveyance in the engine rooms of tankers, cargo oil vessels, merchant ships and many combat ships, port terminal crude oil pipeline services and barge and ship collection, pressurization and loading, Three screw pumps are also widely used in turbocharging, fuel injection and main engine lubricating pumps, main engine oil pumps, lubricating oil pumps and marine hydraulic device pumps, marine hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic winch driving pumps of anchor machines.

SNS vertical triple screw pump commonly used model: SNS40R38U12.1W2 SNS40R46U12.1W2 SNS40R54U12.1W2

SNS80R36U12.1W2 SNS80R42U12.1W2 SNS80R46U12.1W2

SNS80R54U12.1W2 SNS120R42U12.1W2 SNS120R46U12.1W2

SNS120R54U12.1W2 SNS210R36U12.1W2 SNS210R40U12.1W2

SNS210R46U12.1W2 SNS210R54U12.1W2 SNS280R43U12.1W2

SNS280R46U12.1W2 SNS280R54U12.1W2 SNS440R36U12.1W2

SNS440R40U12.1W2 SNS440R46U12.1W2 SNS440R52U12.1W2

SNS440R54U12.1W2 SNS660R40U12.1W2 SNS660R44U12.1W2

SNS660R46U12.1W2 SNS660R51U12.1W2 SNS660R54U12.1W2

SNS940R40U12.1W2 SNS940R42U12.1W2 SNS940R46U12.1W2

SNS940R49U12.1W2 SNS940R50U12.1W2 SNS940R54U12.1W2

SNS1300R36U12.1W2 SNS1300R38U12.1W2 SNS1300R40U12.1W2

SNS1300R42U12.1W2 SNS1300R46U12.1W2 SNS1300R54U12.1W2

SNS1700R40U12.1W2 SNS1700R42U12.1W2 SNS1700R46U12.1W2

SNS2200R40U12.1W2 SNS2200R42U12.1W2 SNS2200R46U12.1W2

SNS2900R40U12.1W2 SNS2900R46U12.1W2

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