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Selection Of Three-screw Pump Selection And Speed Selection

Nanjing Aike Screw Pump Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2018

Three-screw pump selection, should understand the using condition of pump as much detail as possible, in addition to the operating parameters, such as flow rate, pressure needs to be clear, the characteristics of medium such as corrosive medium, gas content, including ratio of solid solution and the size of the solid particles, as well as the working temperature, medium viscosity, density, corrosion of materials and pump suction conditions, such as the installation conditions are to understand, according to our experience, three screw pump selection should pay attention to the following:

Selection of three screw pump speed:

1.1. Determine the speed range with the transmission medium viscosity and pump specifications:

When conveying high viscosity medium, the pump should select low speed, and if the viscosity is low, the corresponding high speed can be selected:

1) medium viscosity > 20 ° E, three screw pump for large size (more than 60 mm) main stem diameter, rotating speed is 970 RPM and 720 RPM, if higher viscosity (viscosity > 80 ° E) such as viscose, can reduce speed to use, recommended 200-500 RPM;

2) for the specifications of the three screw pump, medium viscosity > 20 ° E, it is advisable to RPM to 1450 RPM and 970 RPM, if higher viscosity (viscosity > 80 ° E), can reduce speed to use, recommended 300-600 RPM;

1.2, due to the higher the speed of the pump, under the same performance parameters, the smaller the volume of the pump, but due to their high speed, high friction power, the wear of the pump is great, life is short, if the lubricity of conveying medium more bad or to trace impurities, should choose a low speed, in order to keep pump longer life, recommend below 1450 RPM.

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