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Three screw pump control flow how to operate?

Nanjing Aike Pump Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2018]

Three screw pump control flow how to operate? The flow rate of the three-screw pump is controlled by the frequency conversion control of the control cabinet to achieve the control flow.

The transmission principle of the three-screw pump is simply a flexible rotor, which is closely combined with the stator of the double helix structure to achieve the forward delivery process through the rotation of the rotor.

In general, three screw pump flow control is also according to the specific requirements of the user to decide, if throughput per unit time is very low, generally the selection of the motor rotation speed is low, may also strengthen the cooling fan. In addition, for the production units, the throughput is not fixed in many cases, so the control of the frequency converter of the control cabinet will be controlled to control the speed, so as to control the flow.

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