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Three-screw Pump For Gas Turbine

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HSNS Vertical Screw Pump

HSNS Vertical Screw Pump

HSNS40-38 three-screw pump / HSNS40-38W1 three-screw pump HSNS40-46 three-screw pump / HSNS40-46W1 three-screw pump HSNS40-54 three-screw pump / HSNS40-54W1 three-screw pump HSNS80-36 three-screw pump / HSNS80-36W1 three-screw pump HSNS80-46 three-screw pump / HSNS80-46W1 three-screw pump...

HSNS40-38 three-screw pump / HSNS40-38W1 three-screw pump

HSNS40-46 three-screw pump / HSNS40-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS40-54 three-screw pump / HSNS40-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS80-36 three-screw pump / HSNS80-36W1 three-screw pump

HSNS80-46 three-screw pump / HSNS80-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS80-54 three-screw pump / HSNS80-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS120-42 three-screw pump / HSNS120-42W1 three-screw pump

HSNS120-46 three-screw pump / HSNS120-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS120-54 three-screw pump / HSNS120-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS210-36 three-screw pump / HSNS210-36W1 three-screw pump

HSNS210-40 three-screw pump / HSNS210-40W1 three-screw pump

HSNS210-46 three-screw pump / HSNS210-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS210-54 three-screw pump / HSNS210-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS280-43 three-screw pump / HSNS280-43W1 three-screw pump

HSNS280-46 three-screw pump / HSNS280-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS280-54 three-screw pump / HSNS280-54W23 three-screw pump

HSNS440-36 three-screw pump / HSNS440-36W1 three-screw pump

HSNS440-40 three-screw pump / HSNS440-40W1 three-screw pump

HSNS440-46 three-screw pump / HSNS440-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS440-54 three-screw pump / HSNS440-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS660-40 three-screw pump / HSNS660-40W1 three-screw pump

HSNS660-44 three-screw pump / HSNS660-44W1 three-screw pump

HSNS660-46 three-screw pump / HSNS660-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS660-54 three-screw pump / HSNS660-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS940-42 three-screw pump / HSNS940-42W1 three-screw pump

HSNS940-46 three-screw pump / HSNS940-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS940-50 three-screw pump / HSNS940-50W1 three-screw pump

HSNS940-54 three-screw pump / HSNS940-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS1300-38 three-screw pump / HSNS1300-38W1 three-screw pump

HSNS1300-42 three-screw pump / HSNS1300-42W1 three-screw pump

HSNS1300-46 three-screw pump / HSNS1300-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS1300-54 three-screw pump / HSNS1300-54W1 three-screw pump

HSNS17000-42 three-screw pump / HSNS17000-42W1 three-screw pump

HSNS17000-46 three-screw pump / HSNS17000-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS2200-42 three-screw pump / HSNS2200-42W1 three-screw pump

HSNS2200-46 three-screw pump / HSNS2200-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS2900-40 three-screw pump / HSNS2900-40W1 three-screw pump

HSNS2900-46 three-screw pump / HSNS2900-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS3600-46 three-screw pump / HSNS3600-46W1 three-screw pump

HSNS5300-46 three-screw pump / HSNS5300-46W1 three-screw pump

adhering to the "pursuit of customer satisfaction, exceed customer expectations, create customer value" service concept, all customer demand as the center, with * speed, * skills, : an attitude that allows customers to easily access high-quality zui services anywhere in the country

AIKE is committed to the development of screw pump manufacturing gold medal service, with Nanjing Yimo excellent quality, standard service and quality assurance system to make Yimo all users can be trusted partners, * options.

Service concept: pursue customer satisfaction, exceed customer expectation and create customer value.

Service objective: quality? Service manufacturing * customer, create service value.

Service slogan: with all your heart and perfection, it is more important to live up to your promise than to promise

Service commitment: 1 hour response system.

The 12-hour arrival system in the province and the 24-hour arrival system outside the province.

Sales engineer 24-hour standby system.

After handling the problem, the user can sign and approve before leaving.

Screw pump large-scale professional manufacturer-Nanjing Yimo pump Co., Ltd.

24 hours:

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HSNS three-screw pump features and advantages:

The HSNS series three-screw pump has a wide range of pressure and flow, with a flow range of 400m3 / h and a working pressure range of 0-5mpa.

The types and viscosity of the liquids transported are wide, and the viscosity ranges from 3mm / 2 / s to 760mm / s;

Because the inertial force of the rotary parts in the three-screw pump is relatively low, it can be used at a very high speed, which can be selected (950rr / min 1450r / min 2900r / min / min 3400r / min);

Good suction performance, strong self-priming ability, (self-priming height range 0m-10m), 10-NPSHr value, approximate to the pump self-priming height.

Uniform and continuous flow, small vibration, low noise, no pulsation;

Three screw pump installation convenience (HSNH horizontal foot installation pump, HSNS vertical column foot installation pump, HSNS flange installation pump, HSNE plug pump group, from the driving side insert, HSNT immersion pump) easy maintenance;

Three screw pump has a strong heat resistance, the general operating temperature is (1 ~ 280 °C) above this temperature should be stated in the order, we will make you the products you need;

Heating or cooling structures can also be provided according to the needs of the transported medium;

Three-screw pump almost no wear, three-screw pump as long as the correct selection, long service life.

HSNS three-screw pump transport media type:

Low viscosity liquids: such as light diesel, heavy diesel, waxy oil

Medium viscosity liquids: such as mechanical oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil, residuum

High viscosity liquid: such as synthetic rubber liquid and synthetic rubber liquid, emulsion

HSNS three-screw pump application:

Used as fuel oil, fuel supply and delivery pump in heating equipment.

Used as hydraulic, lubricating and rolling motor pumps in the mechanical industry.

In the chemical, petrochemical and food industries, it is used as a pump for loading, conveying and supplying liquid.

Ships are used as conveyors, boosters, fuel injection and lubricating oil pumps and marine hydraulic pumps.

HSNS three-screw pump application industry list:

1. It is used as fuel injection pump in heating equipment, combustion system, burner system, boiler heating system and thermal power plant. Diesel, fuel supply and delivery pumps, loading pumps, unloading pumps, reverse pumps.

2. It is used as lubricating system lubricating pump in metallurgical iron and steel plant, oil supply pump, hydraulic pump in hydraulic system, jet fuel pump in combustion system, conveying and pouring pump in oil depot.

3. In mechanical machine lubrication, gear drive lubrication, large oil film bearings, oil supply cycle cooling system used as a supply pump, oil supply pump, pressurized oil pump, circulating pump, lubricating oil pump, and remote control motor pump, three-screw oil pump device.

4. In the hydraulic elevator lift industry, hydraulic transmission device used as hydraulic pump, in the chemical and chemical industry used for resin, pigments, latex, ink, paint, glycerol, paraffin transport.

5. In the oil refinery refining and chemical industry used to transport crude oil, heavy oil, residuum. Asphalt, tar, latex paint, for high temperature viscous products refining processes, such as asphalt, vacuum tower bottom oil and residual fuel loading, transportation and supply pumps.

6. In the engine rooms of tankers, cargo oil vessels, merchant ships and many combat ships, port terminal crude oil pipeline service and barges are used for transportation, pressurization, fuel injection, and mainframe lubricating pumps in the collection, pressurization and loading of ships, Lubricating oil pump, as well as marine hydraulic device pump, marine hydraulic pump, anchor hydraulic winch drive pump.

7. It is also widely used in shipyards, machinery factories, such as separators, turbochargers, engines, oil delivery systems, fuel handling systems, lubricating oil systems, propulsion systems, lubrication and hydraulic systems.

8, also has the widespread application in the oil field and the offshore platform industrial domain, such as conveys the crude oil, the latex paint.

It is used in oil factory, winery, food factory, edible oil, animal oil, alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, chocolate.

10. used in building materials industry, glass factory, ceramics factory, refractory factory, cement factory kiln used as ignition oil pump, heavy oil combustion pump and so on.

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